CSR Manager

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa · Management


Rhino Africa is Africa’s leading online travel company. From our offices in Cape Town, we promote safari destinations across Africa. But for Rhino Africa, business is not only about showing clients beautiful places. The driving force behind our enterprise is the desire for Africa to benefit from tourism - for local communities and conservation projects to gain value from our involvement. In 2016, Rhino Africa registered the Africa Rise Foundation as our company vehicle to grow our sphere of positive influence across Africa. Through the Africa Rise Foundation, Rhino Africa supports the following projects:

Now, Rhino Africa is seeking a full-time Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Manager to lead the Africa Rise Foundation and oversee all of its project involvement, helping us leave a lasting, positive legacy on the continent we call home. As Rhino Africa's CSR Manager, you would be a part of Rhino Africa's core management team. You would cover a broad range of responsibilities, which would include but would not be limited to the following:


Please note that only previously disadvantaged South African candidates (PDIs) will be considered for this position.


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