Web Development Internship at Rhino Africa

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa · Web Development


As Africa's leading online travel company (it's true - we've been recognized by the World Travel Awards for four years in a row!), the beating heart of Rhino Africa lies within our famous "Rhino Labs": an in-house web development agency that ensures our engagement with potential travelers in over 30 countries across the world, who browse our websites and find the inspiration to journey to our continent through desktop, mobile, tablet and everything inbetween. Try our sites for yourself and see if you don't get the travel bug:





Now, the Rhino Labs are proud to announce the launch of their first ever Web Development Internship program, offering one lucky candidate the chance to spend 4-6 months at work with a team of developers and designers built from the best minds in Europe, South America, South Africa and more. See what it's like to work at Rhino Africa here: http://bit.ly/2t1ai6K

The new Web Development Internship at Rhino Africa is built for a candidate with basic knowledge and understanding of HTML/CSS, or at least a concrete interest in the languages, who would like to build on these skills and see them put to use in a cutting edge international environment. The internship will provide the opportunity to learn (at minimum) JS and Django through practical day-to-day work in growth optimization for Rhino Africa's websites, including the experience of being part of a full feedback loop: you will get to watch users from all over the planet interact with your code.

In short, as a Web Development intern at Rhino Africa, you will be directly involved in:


Our ideal candidate will:

Please note that only South African candidates can be considered for this position, and that strict preference will be given to previously disadvantaged individuals (PDIs).


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